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Conscious Living

Your transformational experience with Sri Preethaji: Experience what an encounter with a great master can bring about.

Our consciousness creates our reality. Your inner state determines how you experience the outer world. What people and situations you attract. And how easily you succeed in achieving your personal and professional goals.

A 2.30 – hours power workshop
with Sri Preethaji

Conscious Living means to become aware of one’s own state of consciousness and to be able to choose inner serenity even under stress. This is the key – to happier relationships, greater self-efficacy and increased quality of life. Experience it for yourself!

29th – OCTOBER -2023

11:00am – 1:30pm

Oneness Nordic centre

Conscious Living:
The spiritual mega event in Oneness Nordic

At the Conscious Living Event you will learn from Sri Preethaji how to take on the role of an observer in everyday life and how to shape your inner state. This unique workshop includes a lecture with fascinating insights into vedic philosophy as well as effective meditation exercises. You will receive tips for practical awareness work, which will help you to find your inner center and to tap into your full potential.

The highlight is an energy transmission by Sri Preethaji: The so-called „Deeksha“ is known for its transformative power and enriches your personal growth according to your individual spiritual path to inner freedom and self-realization – in the here and now!

What to expect:


High-vibrational teachings, liberating wisdom and spiritual tips for your everyday life guarantee valuable insights for your life. Sri Preethaji knows what the group needs.


Meditating in a large group of spiritual people strengthens the intention and effectiveness of the meditation for each individual. Experience how everyone and everything is connected.


A Deeksha by Sri Preethaji has a tangible impact on the transformation of your being. The power of the Universal Intelligence opens you to higher realms and beautiful states of consciousness.

Event Details


Oneness Nordic
Jönstorp 8123, 242 96 Hörby, Sweden
Contact Number: +45 31 39 95 66

Date & Time

Sunday – 11:00am – 1:30pm
October 29th 2023

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Who is Sri Preethaji?

Sri Preethaji is an enlightened master from India who counts well-known personalities such as Usher, Tony Robbins and Arianna Huffington among her students. Together with her husband Sri Krishnaji, Sri Preethaji is the founder of the meditation school EKAM in South India and author of the international bestseller „The four sacred secrets“. Millions of people have already awakened and live in an expanded state of consciousness thanks to Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji.

What is Deeksha?

Deeksha is a subtle energy transmission that connects you to your inner divinity. Deeksha lowers stress hormones and opens up space for deep stillness, great clarity and groundless joy – beyond the dual mind. Deeksha does not belong to any particular religion, philosophy or belief system and enriches your personal growth according to your individual spiritual path to inner freedom and self-realisation.

Experience transformation

Those who know Sri Preethaji know what a great gift it is that she is coming to Germany for the grand Deeksha event. But even if you are not yet familiar with her being and her work, it is worth attending this event. Be there if you:

  • are new on the spiritual path and you ask yourself where this path can go and lead to
  • have been searching for a long time and have the feeling that you are not making any progress in your spiritual development or that you keep coming up against obstacles
  • long for a profound experience that goes beyond the ordinary experiences of your everyday spiritual life.
  • want to learn how ancient Indian teachings can be combined with modern scientific knowledge
  • long for authentic wisdom that you can trust in the age of spiritual overload in the media
  • want to experience for yourself why many serious seekers find it so valuable and enriching to have a spiritual Master on their side
  • are looking for a spiritual teacher who does not preach dogmatically but welcomes you – no matter what form of the Divine you believe in
  • you have a sprititual view that does not deny worldly life, but also invites material prosperity and earthly pleasures
  • can imagine that we are basically all one and that duality is an illusion that can be dissolved through spiritual practice
  • believe that beyond karma or soul purpose, ultimately, life is always about enlightenment and that this is possible for everyone in this day and age
  • are open to life, the moment and change, and curious why you got the sign to have landed on this page
  • want to meet like-minded people in a wonderful space, who together create a powerful field of transformation