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Oneness Nordic Centre: A Beacon of Enlightenment

Nestled amongst the ancient trees of Jönstorp, Oneness Nordic is our European center for enlightenment. It is a satellite center of Ekam, World Center for Enlightenment located in India.

Our vision is to lead you to a direct personal experience of awakening and freedom.

Our vision is to help you awaken to a state of being where you live free of stress regardless of your life circumstances.

The journeys at Oneness Nordic are built on the consciousness technology created by Sri Preetha ji and Sri Krishna ji, realized enlightened masters and co-creators of EKAM.
Through their tried and tested meditations, their powerful insights, and ancient yogic practices, we lead you into a space of total ease and peace within yourself, a deeper connection with others, an experience of the greater intelligence of the universe and a heightened awareness of our interconnection with nature. Here, we initiate you on a journey into Oneness.

At the heart of Oneness Nordic is the consecrated Hiranyagarbha, the ancient mystic symbol of Oneness. It is regarded as the cosmic womb, an energy that supports your journey inward.

Living at Oneness Nordic is an experience in itself.

It is set as a Buddhist monastery styled in oriental architecture. Here, we serve vegan food made according to the Ayurvedic understanding of the human body. Seekers here practice a conscious way of living, and offer deep respect for one another. Our friendly volunteers, or Mitras (friends), will guide you and facilitate your journeys while you are here.

The Oneness Nordic Centre is open to people of all cultures, belief systems, and religions. It is a space of oneness and we welcome you to embark on your journey to move from stress to inner calm, limitation to freedom, unhappiness to joy, disconnection to love, separation to oneness.

Events At Oneness Nordic

Oneness Experience

A Meditation Experience

Daily 90-minute meditation and yoga journey in southern Sweden’s serenity. Evokes joy, deepens self-connection, and welcomes all. Located at Jönstorp 8123, Hörby. Book and embrace peace.

Oneness Weekend

Dive into Awareness, Freedom & Connection

Monthly weekend of meditation, tailored yoga, and deep connection in nature. Guided by Oneness Nordic’s gentle volunteers. Experience inner peace, profound insights, and Oneness.

Oneness Living

Days of Soulful Serenity & Simple Living

2 days up to 60 days of dive into meditation, yoga, wisdom teachings, simple service, and nature. Embrace serenity, simplicity, and deep connection.


Corporate Stress Detox Program

Relax your body, calm your mind, Connect from the heart

A 2-day transformative retreat: dive deep into meditative experiences, gain profound insights, detox stress, and cultivate joyful workspaces. This is about real solutions and not temporary reliefs.

Deepening with the Enlightened Masters

Transform with enlightened experiences

A 6-day silent immersion into Turiya, the 4th dimension, with Mukti Gurus at Oneness Nordic. Dive beyond mind, into pure consciousness.

Journey to Oneness Nordic:

Driving: The simplest route to serenity.

By Air:
Land at Copenhagen’s Kastrup (CPH) Airport, Denmark. From CPH, opt for a cab, Uber, train, or bus to proceed.

By Train:
Commence your journey at Copenhagen’s CPH. Secure a ticket to Jönstorp 8123, Hörby from a Skanetrafiken machine. The journey will guide you through Malmö or Lund, post which you’ll board an Express bus to Hörby Torg.

By Taxi:
From Hörby Torg, beckon an Uber or pre-book a taxi to Jönstorp 8123, Hörby. For seamless travel, reserve your taxi 2 hours in advance by dialing 0771 774499.




Oneness Nordic
Jönstorp 8123, 242 96 Hörby, Sweden
Contact Number: +45 31 39 95 66